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Western’s Routing Transit Number

Your Western checks can be quite useful when it comes to depositing your tax returns, setting up automatic payments online, direct deposit and more. To set up these systems, you usually need Western's routing transit number and your account number. The information is there on every check—you just need to know where to look.

Western's Routing Transit Number

Western's routing transit number is 322079719. It is located at the bottom-left of every Western check. You can use Western's routing transit number when you want funds, such as your tax return directly deposited into your account. You'll get your funds more quickly and won't have to worry about checks being lost in the mail.

Account Number

Your Checking Account number is an 11- to 13-digit number positioned to the right of our routing transit number. If you need your Savings Account number, simply use your member number, which you can find on your monthly statement.

Check Number

The check number can be found to the right of your Checking Account number at the bottom of your check.