Getting Started with eBanking

Step One: Register for eBanking:

  • Select “Not Registered?” in the upper right corner of our Login area
  • Follow instruction on Registration screen:
    - Enter your Member Number
    - Accept the Agreements (type Yes in the box)

Step Two: Send Registration Passcode:

  • Request a one-time Passcode
  • Have the Passcode sent to you as a text message, voice call, or email

Step Three: Confirm Your Registration Passcode:

  • Enter Passcode in the box provided

Step Four: Set up Your Username and Password

  • Set up the following information:
    - Username
    - Password
    - Confirm email Address

Step Five: Set up Your Security Phrase and Image:

  • Select a Security Phrase (your personal choice)
  • Select a Security Image (choose from eBanking image library)

Welcome to eBanking!